AMITA BERJAYA SDN BHD | Scheduled Waste Management & Recycling Malaysia


The Department of Environment Malaysia has approved ABSB under the Environmental Quality Act 1974 to provide these services:

  • Licensed facility to receive and manage Scheduled Waste
  • Licensed transporter of Scheduled Waste

Scheduled Waste Management

ABSB is approved by the Department of Environment to manage 15 codes of Scheduled Wastes under the Environmental Quality (Scheduled Wastes) Regulation 2005.

Waste Code Waste Type Waste Code Waste Type
SW104 Dross, slag, dust, ash SW110 Glass Makers
SW202 Waste Catalysts SW203 Immobilised scheduled wastes
SW204 Heavy Metal Sludge SW207 Sludge containing fluoride
SW310 Sludge from mineral oil storage tanks SW311 Waste of oil or oily sludge
SW316 Acid sludge SW319 Waste of phenols or phenol compounds
SW321 Rubber/latex wastes or sludge containing
organic solvents or heavy metals
SW406 Clinker/Slag/Ash for incinerator
SW411 Spent activated carbon SW416 Sludges of inks, paints, pigments, lacquer, dye or varnish
SW427 Mineral sludges

ABSB utilizes a proprietary technology and know-how devised by its technology provider from Japan to stabilize the Scheduled Waste and turning the waste into raw material for cement making.

The process does not involve using any chemical, water, heat or additional filler material - only the Scheduled Wastes are used to produce the Alternative Raw Material and Alternative Fuel.

This technology enables 100% recycling of the Scheduled Waste without any residue waste material.

Scheduled Waste Transportation

ABSB is licensed by the Department of Environment to provide transportation services to collect and transport Scheduled Waste from waste generators to our scheduled waste recycling plant.

We provide a complete fleet of trucks to collect Scheduled Waste in jumbo bags, steel drums, containers and in bulk.